Forbidden Photos Of North Korea That Kim Jong-un Wants Off The Internet

North Korea is one of the poorest countries with it’s people are near starvation as dictator Kim Jong-un rules with an iron fist.
These pictures were smuggled out of North korea under the penalty of arrest and imprisonment. 
This photo series shows just how poor and malnourished the people of North Korea are and how the government hides the reality through manipulation and propaganda. 
See the North Korea that dictator Kim Jong-un doesn’t want you to see.

North Koreans scattered across an almost empty beach.
The people are far too poor to enjoy vacations in their own country.

Two men wait by the train to sell their truck load of human poop that is reused as fertilizer.
People are so poor in North Korea that they have to collect and sell human waste.

Here we see Father Kim Jong-il and a young boy (future dictator) Kim Jung-un.
The whole family is obsessed with Western culture and they really love Disney.

Even a country as poor as North Korea somehow found enough money to have a special forces unit in their military.

This is a staged scene by the propaganda machine.
Most people get around in busses since no one owns a car and the buses are usually over crowded.
The country is so poor that they only run busses when they are completely full.

The people of North Korea are fooled to believe that this man is a god, when he is juts a power hungry dictator.

These taxi drivers are just for show as no one in the country can afford to take these.
The government puts on shows like this to make itself look like a normal country but they are the poorest developed country.

All entertainment in North Korea is state run and basically all propaganda.  
The people have no idea how behind they are from the rest of the world and it’s a shame.

A soldier stands guard as a family is forced to sweep the streets clean using small brooms.
Everyone is meant to help out in North Korea, as the image of a healthy people is important to Kim Jong-un.

The bridge that connects China to North Korea is lit up but once you get into the country, there are no street lights or any lights to help you see.
They are all about showing that they are normal but are in fact hiding the sad truth.

This homeless child is begging for food a the train station. 
The homeless are hidden when foreign visitors come to the capital city.