5 Amazing facts of Banana

It may come as surprise to learn that bananas are actually a type of berry. When you look at the definition of a berry this only adds to the confusion! A berry is defined as any type of fleshy fruit that stems from the ovary of a single flower. It has a seed, or several seeds enclosed inside its flesh. But, bananas don’t have seeds, right? Actually, they do. The seeds of a banana are so small that you can’t see them with the naked eye. Other surprising foods that are berries include, pumpkins, tomatoes and kiwis.
    1. More than one type of banana – Even though the Cavendish banana is the only banana variety available in most export markets around the world, there are thousands of other different types of banana out there for you to try on your travels. There are Apple bananas which are grown in the tropic forest of Hawaii and they are so sweet that they are often called the Candy Apple Banana. The Pisand Raja (or Musa Belle) banana is grown in Indonesia and is used to make delicious banana fritters. There’s also plantain which is banana that is more similar to the consistency of a potato and needs to be cooked before eating. Plantain is a versatile cooking banana, mainly used in Caribbean dishes, and can be fried, roasted or steamed.

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